Scientists of the Fahrenheit Universities have gained a new tool, which will make projects and research work significantly easier. As part of the grant project titled Supporting University Consolidation Processes, a system of joint management of member universities’ infrastructure was developed. 133 items of large apparatus and 59 laboratories (core lab), including 2 strategic ones, were placed on the list.

Based on the analysis of the MUG, Gdańsk Tech and UG infrastructure in terms of the technologies and applications in use, 18 key categories were distinguished and the share of each university’s infrastructure in each of the categories. 

Information presented in the database includes a brief description of the apparatus, its location, contact details of the supervisor of the apparatus or a laboratory, and information on the type of activity for which the apparatus may be used. The rules for making apparatus available should be agreed on a case specific basis with the supervisor or operator of particular apparatus.

Plenipotentiaries of the apparatus management system:


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