Join us this Saturday on TEDx! Sign up - limited number of places

The next edition of TEDxUniversityofGdansk, organized by Fahrenheit Universities, is upcoming under the theme “Sustainable Tomorrow”. The aim of the event is to initiate a discussion on topics related to the future, broadly understood energy and balance. Participation in TEDxUniversityofGdansk2024 is free of charge, and it is possible to reserve seats through the website. The number of seats is limited. 


The conference will be held at the Faculty of Neophilology at the University of Gdansk. In keeping with the theme, it will promote the idea of sustainable development, innovative solutions for the environment, and actions that can contribute to a better tomorrow. 

We invite everyone interested in understanding today’s global challenges. Thanks to the speakers' presentations, it will be possible to broaden our horizons about the future of our planet and learn how to adapt to an ever-changing reality. 

The speakers will cover topics such as sustainable leadership, digital and ecological transformation, future competencies, and the diminishing of relationships in the metaverse. 


9.30 Registration

10.00 Opening and introduction  | Marta Moksa i Miłosz Wojtyna

10:10-11:30 TEDx Talks | Human

  • The power of healing media | Marta Tymińska
  • How to litter the space? | Bogna Pazderska
  • What cities will we live in? | Aleksander Orłowski
  • Bridges instead of walls. Close relationships as the key to happiness | Karolina Wysokińska

11:30-12:00 Coffee break

12:00-13:20 TEDx Talks | Changes

  • Energy balance. When work stops being fun | Natalia Florek
  • Atmospheric cities are a recipe for happiness | Hanna Obracht-Prondzyńska
  • Microplastics – a "stowaway" in food | Kornelia Kadac-Czapska
  • Electricity for a sustainable tomorrow | Marcin Jaskólski

13:20-13:30 Summary and conclusion



For TEDxUniversityofGdansk2024 'Sustainable Tomorrow,' a Facebook event has been created, where information about the speakers, agenda, and registration methods is presented. Link to the event: