[ENROLMENT] Take part in the ZERO WASTE fashion show

Are you creative? Do you like to play with fashion? Do you have some old or unused clothes and want to give them a second life? Or maybe you want to act as a model?


The ZERO WASTE fashion show will take place on 26 May as part of the Fahrenheit Science Picnic. We seek persons to design outfits and persons willing to present them on stage.

The environmental impact of textile and textile waste production is one of the biggest challenges related to human activity today. Cheap, low-quality clothing has caused a dramatic increase in the amount of clothing produced and thrown away. To counteract the environmental impact of the so-called “fast fashion”, efforts should be made to reduce textile waste, extend the life cycles of textiles and increase their recycling rates.

Clothing must be created from old/unwanted clothes or used packaging. Basically, from what you can find at home and use in a creative way.

By taking part in this campaign, you help to spread the idea of reusing unworn items and giving them a new function or meaning. You also reduce your individual carbon footprint by making the idea of sustainable consumption more popular.

Registration is open until 29 March.

If you have questions, want to learn more and explore the topic, take part in the workshops on 12 March from 11:00 am to 2:15 pm at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Gdańsk.


The fashion show is a part of the FASHION ZERO WASTE project, which is jointly pursued by the science clubs active within the Fahrenheit Universities: Environmental Health and Epidemiology Students’ Science Club (the MUG), Digital Architecture Lab (Gdańsk Tech), as well as the Chemical Business Science Club , the Chemists’ Science Club and the Environmental Protection Science Club from the UG. The project reached the victory podium in the second edition of the Fahrenheit Champions of Cooperation competition and thus obtained funds for project implementation.

Content and graphics: the project team material.