The Fahrenheit's Champions of cooperation competition for science clubs

We invite all undergraduate, graduate and PhD students who are members of research clubs at Fahrenheit Universities to participate. Projects may be submitted by 20 November 2022. The project must be pursued for a minimum of two research clubs or one inter-collegiate club of the various Fahrenheit Universities. The total pool of prizes is PLN 22,000.

The competition objective is to start and promote cooperation in science clubs as well as to popularise the idea and mission of the Fahrenheit Universities.

The competition is open for projects in one of the following categories:

  • development of students’ cultural or sports life,
  • actions for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle,
  • actions for the protection of the environment,
  • innovations and new technologies,
  • activity for the local environment,
  • popularisation of science.

 The project may also concern one of the eight scientific fields such as the humanities, engineering and technology, medical and health sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences, natural sciences, theology and arts.

The award to be won is a financial prize from the three Rectors, which will be allocated for the partial or full funding of the project. The total value of the prizes is PLN 22,000. The best project has a chance to win PLN 10,000. The prize for the second place is PLN 7,000, and for third place is PLN 5,000.

This is yet another initiative to encourage inter-collegiate cooperation between undergraduate, graduate and PhD students of the Fahrenheit Universities – says  prof. Adriana Zaleska-Medynska, Director of the Fahrenheit Universities. – the competition idea refers to the most important task of the Fahrenheit Universities, which is the best use of the resources and scientific potential of the universities making up the FarU. We want cooperation to be developed not only by the authorities and employees, but also as early as at the stage of projects jointly implemented by undergraduate, graduate and PhD students of the three universities.

The Chapter will primarily assess the level of cooperation between the universities, which is a prerequisite for the participation in the competition. What will also count is the attractiveness and innovative nature of the project, its feasibility, compliance with the theme and the promotion plan.

Competition schedule

Deadline for submission of projects – 20 November 2022
Announcement of the results – 16 December 2022.


The following financial prizes are available for the competition winners for project implementation:
1st place – PLN 10,000 gross
2nd place – PLN 7,000 gross
3rd place – PLN 5,000 gross

Website and competition form: