How to write an academic article? Training sessions for employees and Ph.D. students

The research workers and Ph.D. students of the universities forming the Fahrenheit Union of Universities, who are interested in improving their knowledge of publishing research papers, particularly in scientific journals, were able to participate in a series of online training sessions. The seminars conducted on 12, 19 and 26 April this year concerned the various stages of academic article preparation and publishing from article planning and writing through the choice of a good journal to article publication and the review process.

The first training session in the series was titled How to write an academic article. Issues such as the role of academic publishing, manuscript preparation and article submission were discussed during the workshops. The next meeting, The wise choice of journals, was about qualitative and quantitative criteria to be used when choosing a journal. Among other matters, the guidelines for the choice of a journal to publish one’s work in, and the factors worth paying attention to in addition to bibliometric indicators were specified.

“Academic review process” training session. The third and last online training session on academic article preparation was held on 26 April this year. The question of review to which articles are subjected before publication in reliable scientific journals was discussed in the meeting. Presented were the rules of the review and its course, as well as the editors’ and reviewers’ advice on what is worth paying attention to when responding to comments in the review. The workshop host, Katarzyna Gaca-Zając Ph.D. Eng., explained what academic review is, the types of academic review and its stages, how the reviewers are appointed and what attitude to academic review should be adopted.

The training sessions were conducted by Katarzyna Gaca-Zając Ph.D. Eng. – a graduate of the University of Strathclyde with nearly ten years of experience in academic and teaching work in Europe, specialising in polymer chemistry and research on chemical reaction kinetics. She is currently an Elsevier senior customer consultant for Central and Eastern Europe and a specialist in data bases and Elsevier solutions for scientists. She is passionate about ethics in academic work and communication, and about widely understood bibliometrics.