Team leaders in Gdańsk universities consolidation process

Supporting university consolidation processes is a project jointly implemented by the Medical University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk University of Technology and University of Gdańsk within the Fahrenheit Union of Universities in Gdańsk. As part of the project, 21 team leaders responsible for various university integration aspects were appointed. 

The nominations were awarded during the meeting of the representatives of the Fahrenheit Union of Universities in Gdańsk on 12 May this year.

The following became leaders from the Medical University of Gdańsk:

  • Prof. Tomasz Bączek, Rector's Representative for the “Excellence Initiative – Research University” Programme/Team Leader for Identifying Areas of Synergy in Research;
  • Ewa Kiszka, Head of the Department for Internationalisation of the University/Team Leader for Preparing the Office for Joint Organisation of Domestic and International Incoming Staff and Students;
  • Joanna Śliwińska Ph.D., MUG Spokesperson, Head of the Communication Section/Team Leader for Electronic Media.

The following became the leaders from the Gdańsk University of Technology:

  • Prof. Janusz Nieznański, Vice-Rector for Internationalisation and Innovation/Leader of the Team for Preparation of Federation Scenarios and Draft Statutes of the Federation;
  • Prof. Dariusz Mikielewicz, Vice-Rector for Organisation and Development/Leader of the Team for Projections of the Consolidated University, Identification of Synergy Areas and Implementation Workshops for Consolidation Initiatives;
  • Mariusz Miler, Chancellor of the GUT/Team Leader for Information Systems Collaboration;
  • Anna Kanarska, Vice Chancellor for Personnel/Team Leader for Collaborative Human Resources Management;
  • Krzysztof Kaszuba, Director of the GUT Academic Sports Centre/Team Leader for Consolidation in the Areas of Sports Activities of the Fahrenheit Union of Universities in Gdańsk;
  • Anna Wałek Ph.D., Director of the GUT Library/Team Leader for the Collaborative Use of Library Resources, Repositories and Bibliographic Databases;
  • Piotr Lewandowski, GUT Chief Financial Officer/Team Leader for the Feasibility Study on the Integration of Accounting Systems;
  • Justyna Borkowska, Head of the Promotion Department/Team Leader for Media Strategy and Campaign Promoting the Idea of Consolidation Activities;
  • Agnieszka Lendzion Ph.D., Team Leader for Collaborative Management of Education and Distance Learning Platforms;
  • Damian Kuźniewski, Director of the Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer/Team Leader for Consolidation of Technology Transfer Centres and the Operation of University Special Purpose Vehicles;
  • Katarzyna Zygmunt, Head of the Department of Circulation and Archiving of Documents/Team Leader for the Organisation of the Office of the Fahrenheit Union of Universities in Gdańsk;
  • Wojciech Łabiak, Attorney-at-Law/Team Leader for Legislative and Legal Affairs of the Fahrenheit Union of Universities in Gdańsk;
  • Anna Gerlach, Chief Specialist in the Chancellor's Office/Team Leader for Shared Service of Student Dormitories;
  • Ewa Walaszczyk, Head of the Public Procurement Department/Team Leader for Joint Public Procurement.

The following participate in the project as leaders on behalf of the University of Gdańsk:

  • Prof. Adriana Zaleska-Medynska, Team Leader for the System of Collaborative Management of Research Infrastructure at the Fahrenheit Union of Universities in Gdańsk;
  • Prof. Adam Prahl, Team Leader for the Preparation of the Merger of Doctoral Schools at the Fahrenheit Union of Universities in Gdańsk;
  • Assoc. Prof. Paweł Antonowicz, Team Leader for Evaluation of Financial Consequences of Consolidation;
  • Ewa Weronis, Team Leader for Project Records.

The “Supporting university consolidation processes” project is implemented as part of the operational programme Knowledge Education Development co-financed by the European Social Fund.